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"those who do fine woodworking, as for furniture, cabinets, …."

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Built In Cabinetry
Cabinetry made to order with your specifications, personalizes your home.

Bookcases, Libraries
Home Offices
Entertainment Centers
Reclaimed Lumber and Rustic Cabinetry

Furniture ~ Influenced by earlier times
Owning a piece of furniture made especially for you becomes a lasting treasure.

Furniture, handcrafted one piece at a time is labor intensive.
Pricing subject to changes.

Blanket Chests
Cupboards, Sideboard

Cradles, Rocking Chair, Budsudan, Bed, Chair
Art Display Tables, Tables, Desk

Joinery Techniques
The following techniques are used for our furniture and cabinetry fabrication.

  Dado, Rabbet, Dovetail, Biscuit, Mortise Tenon, Dowel, Confirmat