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"those who do fine woodworking, as for furniture, cabinets, …."

Sustainable and Green Materials, Recycling 

Sustainable Materials we offer

Lyptus-a fast growing hardwood from Brazil, this hybrid can be harvested in 14-16 years, heavy in weight, grain similar to mahogany, stains and finishes well, available in lumber and mdf plywood.

Bamboo-a fast growing type of grass, the specie harvested for construction comes from China, harder than oak, all cabinetry parts can be made from this material, available in natural or carbonized with sugars and becomes a darker brown color, available in boards and plywood.

FSC lumber-Forest Stewardship Council certified lumber, is available at your request. Our shop is not certified FSC, though we can purchase lumber that is certified FSC. This is also considered green.

Green Materials we offer

Sheet Goods-Plywood, particle board and melamine board certified NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde)


Our cabinet shop believes in recycling. All cardboard and office paper is recycled. Lumber from delivery crates is recycled and used for some structural cabinet parts. Scrap lumber is recycled by being used
for firewood.